Ethical Hacker

25/07/2008 18:43

Sérgio Amadeu, a sociologist and teacher, recognized for his militancy in favor of the use of open-source software, has teamed up with HackerTeen to publish here the contents of the Hacker Ethics lessons taught during the course. Mr Amadeu's motivation for the creating the course was born out of his desire to share the meaning of ethics and its importance to society in the information age.

For Mr Amadeu, ethics is important to every human endeavor. "Social groups end up creating purposes for their existence and actions. Being in accordance with these objectives is to act ethically. The hacker culture is essentially based on ethical attitudes and three pillars: freedom, cooperation and knowledge," explains the author of the class material.

The material published here is taught in the Hacker Ethics lessons and in every one of the six belts (stages) of the HackerTeen course, and is now unavailable under the free Creative Commons license, which allows for the use, reproduction and modification of the material, as long as it's not used for profit. "We have released the content of the lessons with this license in order to encourage young people to think about the best way to use technology for society," explains Marcelo Marques, strategic director at HackerTeen and one of the creators of the program.